The Senior Software Engineer Speaks of Beans

A Poem1

I’ve known beans2:

I’ve known beans that kept many a poor dev[il] awake in the dead of the night reflecting on their life choices.

Beans is the foundation of my worst nightmares.

My granduncle cooked one of the first major beans at Apple in the late 1970s.

Seven years ago I wrestled with one beans that have cost two million dollars for Microsoft since back in the 90s.

Two famous beans in Russia are named after me.

I spent three years cooking beans at OPay - I wish I had 10 bucks for every beans I cooked at OPay.

Then I went to SpaceX in 2017 and was part of the team that cooked the one that crashed a starship prototype.


I’ve known beans:

Sneaky, little beans.

Beans is the foundation of my worst nightmares.

  1. inspired by the poem written by Langston Hughes 

  2. beans: another name for a software bug