Message Yourself on WhatsApp


This is a simple productivity hack I have been using on WhatsApp and want to share. I have used Slack for sometime and gotten used to the message yourself feature. I used to mimic the feature on WhatsApp by creating a group and removing everyone from it except me, but then you can actually dm yourself, which, if you ask me, is softer.

It’s simple.

Open a browser and type this url: wa.me/{your_phone_number}

For your phone number, make sure to add country code (+234 for Nigeria for instance). Websites like easymessage.app can also be used. This is a way to chat with a number without first having to save it to your contact list.

When you submit the url, the WhatsApp app should be opened, and if you entered the number correctly, it will launch a chat with yourself. Send a message to yourself.

Next, pin your chat with yourself to the the top.

Now you have somewhere to organize your broadcast messages before you send them to ‘production’, save quick todos, etc.

You can now also view your dp as easily as other people who chat with you.

Messaging yourself on WhatsApp works offline too, which is cool.